Sabtu, 02 Januari 2016

HIMstage : Tempat terindah ( Imela Kei )

Imela Kei has been in the Indonesian music industry for more than 15 years starting from Ten2Five, a pop jazz band with super hits like “I Will Fly”, “You”, “I Do” and many more, then released a solo album entitled “White Lillies” in 2011 involving collaborations with numerous indie bands like The Trees and The Wild, Mike’s, Dzeek and many more.
Currently still as a solo act, performs with her new band in numerous high-end night spots like Nip and Dram, Bottega, Wilshire, etc performing the best RnB sounds from the 90's, which will be the same genre music approach for her upcoming album.
Tempat Terindah’s message is simply being in state of comfortableness which can relate to a place, a moment or even a person. The 90’s RnB groove beat will not just represent the song but will give a taste of what the general feel of the upcoming album will sound like as well. People will be reminded of 90’s RnB artists such as Brandy, Shanice, Baby Face, TLC and all those good soulful RnB rhythms back in the day.
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hashtags: #tempatterindah #imelakei
twitter: @imela_kei
instagram: @imela_kei
Kontak : Felix
Mike’s Management
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